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The Value Proposition

Our primary focus is on moderating driver behaviour to enhance employee safety and help directors & officers demonstrate Proactive Duty of Care.

Our approach reduces the severity and frequency of the risk-events that can lead to vehicle crashes. This flows through to a reduction in at-fault insurance claims.

The following graphs come from a real-world case study. Demonstrating the impact our approach has had on a client’s fleet over a sustained period.

# vehicles in fleet

# of speeding events per km driven

# at-fault insurance claims

Impact on bottom-line

Financial benefits vs cost-of-service

We are always asked “What does this cost?" Well, we have found that the cost of not proactively managing the risk inherent in fleet operations is far outweighed by the financial benefits generated; the financial benefits outweighing the cost-of-service by a multiple.

Like you, we focus on generating ROI

When working through the likely ROI impact we first look at the safety dividend; the benefits of moderating driver behaviour flow into a reduction in known and hidden crash costs, and greater fuel efficiency. Tax efficiencies also go towards generating positive ROI, we hold ATO Class Rulings across both FBT and Fuel Tax Credits.

Detailed analysis of the business case

We consult with clients to develop a deep understanding of how their fleet operates; this enables both parties to build and understand the business case. We do have a rudimentary online calculator below. However, for a more detailed ROI analysis, please feel welcome to contact us.

FleetRisk Online ROI Calculator

This estimation tool helps you calculate the projected impact of our risk-management technologies. The information which you calculate is intended for use by you as a guide only. The information and resulting calculations do not constitute a quote and/or a proposal by FleetRisk or any of its affiliates or partners and has no legal affect. Actual ROI and results may vary according to factors such as changes in fuel prices and the nuances of your fleet.

Factors taken into account in the following ROI model are:

  • Impact on motor-fleet insurance claims & estimated indirect crash costs;

  • Impact on fuel efficiency;

  • FBT efficiencies;

  • Fuel Tax Credit claims.

Factors, positive but NOT currently accounted for in ROI model:

  • Impact on Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Impact on streamlining of administrative duties

  • Impact on fleet maintenance costs

  • Impact on fleet rationalisation.

N.B. If the calculator below is not showing then just reload/refresh the page and it will show.


Fleet Data, Assumptions & Projected ROI