If you’re not doing 1-second, you’re not doing safety!

Things happen quickly out on the open road. Which is why we insist upon 1-second data capture intervals, unlike most systems commonly available in the market place which use 30-second data intervals. The difference in data fidelity, and therefore the insights gained, is quite stark!

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Having captured data in 1-second intervals, it’s mapped across posted speed zones and then run through our proprietary algorithm for analysis; identifying and classifying the frequency and severity of risk events. 1-second data capture is critical to this process and the insights we can generate:

  • it’s the fidelity of data that is required in order to truly understand the behaviours that lead up to a crash,

  • it gives us the level of information needed to provide crash-prevention coaching that is specific to each individual driver.


Micro-Learning Video Coaching system

Automated, targeted per driver, low-cost and scalable

website feedback system image.001.jpeg

Making it easy to deliver coaching feedback

Many telematics systems create an additional burden on management; the process of converting the data generated into meaningful, useable, feedback for individual drivers being very complicated and time consuming. FleetRisk solves this problem, making the feedback process both simple and streamlined.

FleetRisk’s Micro-Learning Video Coaching is a means of delivering driver coaching videos via SMS. An automated approach, targeted per driver, that’s low-cost and scalable. It alleviates the need for fleet managers to call and email staff with a reminder to moderate their driving.

This approach is ideal for organisations where drivers are remote and/or work across numerous sites.

Targeted to the key area of focus for each driver

Each driver’s behaviours are recorded and run through our proprietary algorithm, the key risk is identified, and then the coaching video is selected accordingly. Periodically delivered via SMS, each video is very specific. There are more than 600 plus videos in the library, and, in keeping with modern learning styles, very brief; the average length of a video is about 56 seconds.

At each video’s conclusion a driver will have: a clear understanding of what safety behaviour is most in need for their focus; why it’s important to them; and simple strategies to adopt to address it. It’s an ongoing process to support drivers and ‘nudge’ them towards staying safer whilst ‘working behind the wheel’.

Supporting Proactive Duty of Care & Compliance

This is all part of the Proactive Duty of Care so important for Directors through to Line Managers. Compliance is taken to the next level with this micro-learning video coaching approach; automatically recording delivery and time spent viewing each video feedback and whether the driver is making improvements.

Quality data drives strong outcomes across tax & optimisation too

Fleet Optimisation

FleetRisk's high-quality data also delivers to the fleet optimisation needs of an organisation.

Standards Services include:

  • FBT electronic logbook.

  • Last known location

  • GSM 3G data connectivity and web portal access for users and supervisors.

Premium Services include:

  • Utilisation analysis and remote fuel diagnostics.

  • Bespoke reporting and analysis can tailored for your requirements.

  • An API can integrate specific data sets including:

    • safety

    • vehicle use statistics

    • accident notification

    • billing and reporting information.

Tax Efficiencies

The accuracy of the monitoring and mapping functionality underpins our tax capabilities. Holding an ATO Class Ruling, our platform can be used to generate accurate and fully auditable records across:

Fuel Tax Credit analysis is conducted on a case-by-case basis. With no cost to the client until a refund is received by the ATO.

Should our clients require assistance we can deliver FBT reporting analysis; including full tax and project management.


Partner Alliances & Integrations

Additional products & services we can provide to clients to drive safety and operational efficiency outcomes:


Compliance Experts

Compliance Experts provides the most complete, fully rounded offering of compliance solutions you will find on the market today, operating with global reach and supporting numerous very large organisations. But of course that’s not where they started. Their business has been at the forefront of the compliance industry for over 25 years, constantly adapting to meet the needs of clients and the ever-shifting nature of the regulatory environment. They have built a vast bank of knowledge and experience which underpins everything they do, from their consulting services through to their Compliance Checkpoint software.

Guardian Systems

Fatigue and distraction detection management systems for HGV drivers. The Seeing-Machines Guardian system works in real-time, using advanced sensors and image processing technology to track eye closure and head position to identify a fatigue or distraction event. When an event is detected, the driver receives immediate in-cab audio and seat vibration alerts that help prevent an incident.


Fatigue is a major road-safety risk and sleep is the best remedy for it; not only duration of sleep, but also quality. FleetRisk can bring SleepFit in to address this; using technology and behavioural science to optimise work health and wellbeing programs.

PTV Mapping

Cost reduction through enhanced route optimisation. Customisable according to vehicle type / specifications. PTV Mapping is a professional navigation solution that gets drivers quickly and safely to their destination as the route is calculated specifically for their vehicle type. This takes into account truck attributes, alternative routes, truck restrictions, bridge clearances, hazardous goods restrictions, weight restrictions, truck parking and much more, saving FleetRisk’s end-clients time, money and unnecessary detours.

PTV Mapping operates on both desktop and mobile applications.


A service, comprising a smartphone “app”, coupled with a cloud-enabled database, which detects when users fall -without human intervention, or engage the “Panic” button.  When triggered, LoneAlarm broad-casts an alert through the telecom network to a list of pre-configured emergency responders globally, via SMS and/or e-mail, providing details of what’s happened and where.

Thuraya SatSleeve

A quick and easy way to transform an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a satellite device. It means that employees and contractors can keep connected right across Australia, with 100% coverage wherever they are – as long as they've got line of sight to the satellite.

Transpara Visual KPI Dasboards

Transpara Visual KPI is a mobile dashboard software thats works on websites, tablets and smartphones. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time. 

End-clients can use Visual KPI to configure their dashboards according to their specific needs and requirements. Visual KPI facilitates role-base alerts and alert templates that our end-clients can apply to custom alert scenarios and escalating alerts.

This functionality amplifies the value of the data generated by FleetRisk.