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Supporting Managers

Making It Easier to Run Your Fleet

The Digital Fleet - Transparency & Control

Data Drives Outcomes

FleetRisk’s approach supports organisations by replacing manual (antiquated analog) methodologies with a digital system whereby fleets are viewed holistically and with greater transparency. An integrated solution that transforms fleet operations by providing processes and metrics across safety, asset management and tax optimisation.


Insurance-grade telematics provides insights into risk behaviours; the habits that lead up to a crash. It means we can coach drivers at scale - automated and targeted per driver. Transparency is provided by automated reporting metrics and processes to support line managers, WHS officers and the C-suite.

The Fleet Administration Software (fleetio) digitises various vehicle management processes; helping to ensure that employees are driving safe, fit-for-purpose vehicles

Asset Management

Online and mobile app access to data across vehicle management; fleet maintenance; driver records; driver scheduling; and additional functionality that streamlines processes and improves productivity.

Our telematics data provides transparency across the fleet’s operations. Valuable intel to help with route planning, the rotation of vehicles to minimise costly-lease over-runs, and to support fleet rationalisation decisions going forward.

Tax Optimisation

Our system hold an ATO Class ruling across both both FBT and Fuel Tax Credits - where our high-fidelity data capture (kilometres travelled and fuel burn per second) ensures that our clients are receiving their full rebate entitlement

Insurance-Relevant Reporting

The reports generated provides organisations, and their insurance brokers, with transparency across important risk-mitigation factors:

  • diligent vehicle maintenance,

  • driver behaviour,

  • degree of safety-culture engagement.

All vital information that can be used to negotiate better terms on insurance going forward.

API Integration functionality

Additional 3rd party integrations and interventions address issues across route mapping, customisable KPI reporting dashboards, fatigue and the protection of remote workers. Contact us today to discuss how we can make running your fleet operations easier.

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Vehicle Management

  • vehicle profiles

  • vehicle quick search

  • archived vehicles

  • vehicle documents

  • vehicle photos

  • vehicle comments

  • link vehicles

  • auxiliary meters

  • renewal reminders

  • accident documentation

  • inspections

  • VIN decoding

  • assignment scheduling

  • location history

  • activity history

  • vehicle acquisition

Fleet Maintenance

  • outsourced maintenance

  • maintenance scheduling

  • predictive maintenance

  • service reminders

  • issues reporting

  • vendor overview

  • repair tracking

  • work orders

  • labour summary

  • part usage

  • inventory management

  • maintenance history

  • service entries

  • purchase orders

  • Invoice/receipt storage

  • recall management

Manage Drivers

  • driver scheduling

  • employee profiles

  • driver licence renewals

  • access control

Organisational Effectiveness

  • real-time cost per km

  • fuel efficiency stats

  • comprehensive reporting

  • dashboard overview

  • issue resolution

  • vehicle assignment calendar

  • automate repair approval

  • track total cost of ownership

  • consolidated billing

Mobile Access

  • iPhone & Android apps

  • fuel card data

  • schedule safety inspections

  • conduct safety inspections

  • schedule compliance activities

  • conduct compliance activities

  • geofence alerts


  • API integration, 3rd party software

  • FleetRisk IVMS

  • fuel card data