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Digital transformation of fleet

Our clients can opt to integrate FleetRisk with the fleetio fleet management platform; FleetRisk’s high-fidelity data feeding into the fleet management reporting system, leveraging the data to provide greater transparency across your fleet to drive operational efficiencies and streamlining compliance practices.

Additional 3rd party integrations and interventions address issues across fatigue and the protection of remote workers. Contact us today to discuss how we can make running your fleet operations easier.

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Vehicle Management

  • vehicle profiles

  • vehicle quick search

  • archived vehicles

  • vehicle documents

  • vehicle photos

  • vehicle comments

  • link vehicles

  • auxiliary meters

  • renewal reminders

  • accident documentation

  • inspections

  • VIN decoding

  • assignment scheduling

  • location history

  • activity history

  • vehicle acquisition

Fleet Maintenance

  • outsourced maintenance

  • maintenance scheduling

  • predictive maintenance

  • service reminders

  • issues reporting

  • vendor overview

  • repair tracking

  • work orders

  • labour summary

  • part usage

  • inventory management

  • maintenance history

  • service entries

  • purchase orders

  • Invoice/receipt storage

  • recall management

Manage Drivers

  • driver scheduling

  • employee profiles

  • driver licence renewals

  • access control

Organisational Effectiveness

  • real-time cost per km

  • fuel efficiency stats

  • comprehensive reporting

  • dashboard overview

  • issue resolution

  • vehicle assignment calendar

  • automate repair approval

  • track total cost of ownership

  • consolidated billing

Mobile Access

  • iPhone & Android apps

  • fuel card data

  • schedule safety inspections

  • conduct safety inspections

  • schedule compliance activities

  • conduct compliance activities

  • geofence alerts


  • API integration, 3rd party software

  • FleetRisk IVMS

  • fuel card data

PTV Mapping

Cost reduction through enhanced route optimisation. Customisable according to vehicle type / specifications. PTV Mapping is a professional navigation solution that gets drivers quickly and safely to their destination as the route is calculated specifically for their vehicle type. This takes into account truck attributes, alternative routes, truck restrictions, bridge clearances, hazardous goods restrictions, weight restrictions, truck parking and much more, saving FleetRisk’s end-clients time, money and unnecessary detours.

PTV Mapping operates on both desktop and mobile applications.

Transpara Visual KPI Dashboards

Transpara Visual KPI is a mobile dashboard software thats works on websites, tablets and smartphones. It reads existing data sources and delivers KPIs, scorecards, analytics and alerts in real-time. 

End-clients can use Visual KPI to configure their dashboards according to their specific needs and requirements. Visual KPI facilitates role-base alerts and alert templates that our end-clients can apply to custom alert scenarios and escalating alerts.

This functionality amplifies the value of the data generated by FleetRisk.


Guardian Systems

Fatigue and distraction detection management systems for HGV drivers. The Seeing-Machines Guardian system works in real-time, using advanced sensors and image processing technology to track eye closure and head position to identify a fatigue or distraction event. When an event is detected, the driver receives immediate in-cab audio and seat vibration alerts that help prevent an incident.


Fatigue is a major road-safety risk and sleep is the best remedy for it; not only duration of sleep, but also quality. FleetRisk can bring SleepFit in to address this; using technology and behavioural science to optimise work health and wellbeing programs.


Lone Alarm

A service, comprising a smartphone “app”, coupled with a cloud-enabled database, which detects when users fall -without human intervention, or engage the “Panic” button.  When triggered, LoneAlarm broad-casts an alert through the telecom network to a list of pre-configured emergency responders globally, via SMS and/or e-mail, providing details of what’s happened and where.

Thuraya Satsleeve

A quick and easy way to transform an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a satellite device. It means that employees and contractors can keep connected right across Australia, with 100% coverage wherever they are – as long as they've got line of sight to the satellite.