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Young workers, mobile phones and road safety.

It’s great to help young people set out out on their working life. However, if for any reason, they’re going to be ‘working behind the wheel’ then you MUST to get to grips with the specific rules that apply to them during their probationary driving period. Appreciating these rules, and why road safety authorities put them into place, will help protect your worker’s safety.

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6 steps in 30-seconds = Safer You

Driver distraction is estimated to contribute to 18% of fatalities and injury crashes; mobile phones are a key contributor. This guide, for iPhone users, shows how in 30-seconds you can set it up for safer driving.

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How to become a safer driver and save the planet!

In a country where 46% of workplace deaths and serious injuries are motor-vehicle related, adopting good habits that can reduce both fuel consumption and crash risk makes great sense.

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How to cut 10-15% of your fleet's annual fuel bill

Drivers are the number one contributor to both safe and environmentally friendly driving practices. So, how do we help drivers be more conscious of their driving behaviour; what advice should we give them?

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The Cultural Side of Insurance Innovation

Product innovation is quickly able to be copied. Model innovation is not quickly able to be copied because it requires the right culture and structure to do so

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Analytics is the Future of Fleet Telematics

One of the biggest challenges fleet leaders faced when implementing telematics or GPS is the underutilisation of telematics and its data.

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Can what we've learnt from flying stop young drivers dying?

What steps can be taken to reduce crash risk in young drivers? The answer may lie in what we’ve learnt from aviation training initiatives.

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The MOST dangerous thing you can do in the workplace.

At times its seems that with OH&S we need to put an orange vest on just to make the coffee. Ironically, missing where the real risk lies

Simply having a document is not enough!

To convert road safety WH&S policy into real-world behaviour change requires ongoing monitoring and coaching, taking policy into practice.

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Saving your neck, and theirs!

One-to-one conversations and general feedback from the recent AfMA conference highlighted that there are still some directors & officers (including fleet managers) who are unaware that they have an uninsurable personal liability when it comes to the 'duty of care' that they owe their workers.

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The fleet manager's dilemma

Having had time to reflect on an AfMA post about fleet manager gripes. A common theme that unites all areas flagged in the article relates to data gaps. Without quality data you can't run a fleet properly. Many fleet managers often run empty when it comes to useful data and here's why

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Yeah, but my kids will be okay!!!

Michelle Davis was our first customer ever for the BetterDriver in car coach technology in 2012. I still remember when she told me why. 

I have had so many people tell me that their kids are good drivers, safe drivers and they don't need to be monitored in the way they drive. This is almost too painful to watch but you should.

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An ageing workforce, are your risks covered?

In terms of risk and liability, there is a particular need to assess and enhance the driving-related mental skills of an ageing workforce, the need being further emphasised by the proposed lifting of the retirement age to 70. Have you covered the risk?

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The downside of freedom

Autonomy is a 'sacred cow' - or should I say 'sacred car'. We want to live autonomous lives, making decisions about everything we do, where we live and who we share our lives with. So how could an autonomous car be bad eh?

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Persistence has its place...but

I saw a quote today where Steve Jobs said that perseverance is the thing that separates success from non-success. I disagree. It is so much more