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Frequently asked questions across the safety, tax and fleet optimisation services provided by FleetRisk.



The device, can I use it in any vehicle?

Most likely yes. We have used this device in fleets using cars up to 5-years old and there's been no issue. Some HGVs may need a converter, however these are inexpensive.

Is the device cumbersome?

No. Being made by a top flight US manufacturer the device is the smallest in its class with the most features and functionality. Once installed it is set and forget.

For pooled vehicles, how do I know who is driving?

We have a driver identification tag, it uses bluetooth to automatically identify drivers. So, the driver does not need to remember to swipe on or off.

Are technicians required for installation?

No. At FleetRisk we appreciate that in order to be practical and scaleable, a telematics system needs to be easy to install. FleetRisk’s hardware component requires no specialist training to install. Within 30 seconds the device is transmitting data that is captured by our online dashboard systems.

The simplicity of our install and our cloud-based software operational methodology means that geography is no barrier to us.

Surely it's not that easy?

It is! The images below illustrate a 7-year old installing the hardware device within 15 seconds (device plugged into the OBD2 port of a 2015 Volkswagen Polo).

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Implementation images.002.jpeg
Implementation images.003.jpeg


What are Fuel Tax Credits?

Fuel tax credits provide businesses with a credit for the fuel tax (excise or customs duty) that's included in the price of fuel used in machinery, plant, equipment, heavy vehicles, light vehicles travelling on non-public roads. 

Fuel Tax Credits, is this extra work for us?

FleetRisk handles the process for you. FleetRisk handles all the calculations etc. You simply submit the claim in your Business Activity Statement.

How are we charged for this work?

The fee for managing this process is a percentage of the sum recovered for the previous 4-years. Your organisation keeps 100% of the credits going forward.

How confident can we be in your system?

You can be confident in our approach because the platform holds an ATO Class Ruling.


How accurate is the data?

Very. We gather data in 1 second intervals and the accuracy of the GPS is around 3 metres. This counts so that we can defend our clients in a no fault crash with high fidelity data that evidences what really went on. In one instance we saved a client $8,000 on a claim made against them

What about privacy?

This is top of mind for all concerned. We only use your data or data that you consent for us to hold as part of the user agreement.