We make fleets low-risk & low-cost

The benefits

FleetRisk is a Risk Service provider for commercial motor-vehicle fleets, delivering value across safety, tax and fleet optimisation. Whether as a stand-alone offering, or embedded into a Mercurien insurance policy, with FleetRisk your organisation has an ongoing partner that provides consulting and educational services, plus a unique data-driven approach that:

  1. Delivers a safer workplace, supports legal compliance.
 Our case studies show significant reductions in risk-events and insurance claims.

  2. Reduces your tax burden. We hold ATO Class Rulings across FBT & Fuel Tax Credits

  3. Lowers your costs through fewer crashes (less insurance excess), less downtime, reduced fuel usage, and enhanced asset utilisation. Many fleets can expect a 12-22% decrease in their total cash cost of operation - tax benefits included

Why we’re different

It’s in our DNA. Philosophically, because we have a sister company that’s an insurance underwriting agency, our goals are aligned with our clients - reducing the frequency and severity of crashes.

From a technical perspective we capture high-fidelity data; 1-second data capture intervals. The fidelity of data that’s required in order to truly understand the behaviours that lead up to a crash.

Mapped across posted speed zones and then run through our proprietary algorithm, it gives us the level of information needed to provide crash-prevention coaching that is specific to each individual driver. Enabling us to take the data feedback process from complicated and time consuming, to streamlined and simple via our Micro-Learning Video Coaching system.

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We protect key stakeholders


Whether full-time, or incidentally as part of the job's requirements, driving is one of the most dangerous activities in the workplace:

  • 50% of all occupational fatalities in Australia are work-related vehicle crashes, and

  • Make up 15% of the National Road Toll.

So, at FleetRisk our primary focus is upon crash prevention. An automated process that captures in-vehicle behaviour and converts it into practical feedback via our Micro-Learning Video Coaching system. At each video’s conclusion a driver will have: a clear understanding of what safety behaviour is most in need for their focus; why it’s important to them; and simple strategies to adopt to address it. It’s an ongoing process to support drivers and ‘nudge’ them towards staying safer whilst ‘working behind the wheel’.

Directors & Officers

Directors and officers have an uninsurable personal liability when it comes to the duty of care that they owe their workers. No-one is exempt from this provision and for the first time it includes Public Servants and Volunteer Organisations. The laws came into effect in 2012 but a recent of high profile fatalities has the police and roads authorities vigorously enforcing safety inspections. With FleetRisk, and for a fraction of vehicle operating costs, it is possible to fulfill the obligation of a “proactive duty of care”.

For managers, FleetRisk takes the safety feedback and compliance reporting process from ‘complex and time-consuming’ to simple and streamlined.


When an insurance provider has a clear picture of the pro-active and effective risk management strategies employed in a business, it can include those relevant risk strategies in the overall insurance assessment of risk exposure. The more that an insurance provider knows about their client’s management of risk, the more able it is to apply appropriate pricing to that risk. FleetRisk gives insurance providers this clearer picture.

With FleetRisk, clients are able to influence reductions to the premium applied to their business and over the longer term, thereby lessening the impact of pricing increases in comparison to similar businesses in their particular industry as insurance rates rise.
— Peter Marshall, Insurance House