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Proactive Risk Prevention

Everyone needs to protect their workers

Tackling THE biggest risk in the workplace

Whether full-time, or incidentally as part of the job's requirements, driving is one of the most dangerous activities in the workplace. In 2017 Safe Work Australia reported that



of workplace deaths & serious trauma incidents were motor-vehicle related



So, at FleetRisk our primary focus is the safety management and protection of your workers; in the process protecting your organisation’s directors and officers from uninsurable personal liability risk.

Turning policy into practice

You can feel confident that you are teaming with an entity that has a deep understanding of safety and risk management issues*. Expertise that flows across the automated systems, processes and metrics that we deliver to you.

* Recognised as being at the forefront of best-practice, FleetRisk contributed the chapters on Safe Driving and Risk Management to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) 2019 Plant and Vehicle Management Manual (e-manual).

Getting you ahead of the risk curve

As a client of FleetRisk you benefit from our unique combination of leading-edge technologies and analysis; getting you ahead of the risk curve with an automated end-to-end system to keep your workers safe and your vehicles on the road.

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